Kaylene Farnham

Property Expert

Gympie, QLD

About Kaylene Farnham

Kaylene has been successfully selling real estate in the Gympie and surrounding areas for the past 8 years. Being born and raised in the Gympie area has taught her to value honesty and old fashioned service as the drivers behind her success both personally and professionally.

Kaylene has a background in renovating and remodelling homes alongside her husband. Her personal experience with buying and selling real estate has given her excellent insight into achieving the best outcomes for her clients.

Kaylene has a warm, friendly smile and an open and understanding personality which has enabled her to build many lasting relationships with her clients. She has a particularly good eye for finding the potential in properties and has excellent advice for those who are unfamiliar with the industry or the area.

If you are considering selling or buying a home, give Kaylene a call.